Extreme Conservatives: Bathroom Crisis Solution

I don’t advocate any particular position on this issue (other than the “seated one” if you actually give a “crap”) but I do think this idea deserves consideration.

Tranny Can - V.3

TOP TEN Internet QUIZ!

Curious George

This is an important evaluation of…of…of…my ability to come up with interesting questions.

1) If you find money on the ground what do you do? Pick it up…or…Step on it, look around, then pick it up

2) When a friend does something “artistic” but it really isn’t, what do you do? Buy it…or…Tell them it sucks

3) If you step in front of a bus what will happen? Splatttttt! or Whaaaack!

4) On a scale of 1 to 10, how many toes do you have?

5) Do you pick your nose…ever? Yes or No

6) Are you nicer to people you don’t know than the people you do? Yes or No

7) If you dropped the last bite of your final meal of life on the floor, would you pick it up and eat it? Yes or No

8) When a stranger casually asks you, “How are you?” how do you respond? “Fine, how are you?” or “None of your FU**IN* business!

9) Do you worry that a shark will attack you when you’re swimming in the ocean? Yes or No

10) When your cell phone goes all crack on you, what do you do? Reboot it or Get high


11) BONUS QUESTION: If you (me) only need 1,500 more hits to reach half a million, what would you do? Post a TOP TEN Internet QUIZ and ask everyone to forward it to their friends or…just ask everyone to forward this to their friends

CONGRATULATIONS! If you are #500,000 then who exactly will I be saying that to? You or Me