Adopt an Animal! This week featuring: THE GREAT WHITE SHARK

I have to say that I have never been more excited in my life about anything!!!  It was recently bought to my attention that I can adopt a wild animal…wait for it…for only $25.00. It sounded too good to be true. So I had my research staff (me) look into it while I took a long deserved nap after a morning six-pack of Shiner beer. Then I reluctantly awoke and found the following article on  my pillow.

Ya know how there is this whole thing about kids wanting a pony for Christmas, or a bunny for Easter, or maybe some strange looking tall dude in a weird hat and beard for Presidents day? Well, those boring days are over! According to my information you can adopt, among other things…a Great White Shark on a Walmart budget!

I hesitated for moment when my research staff informed me of this, but then after a several Saki bombs they convinced me that Great White Sharks are incredibly great companions.

Why, you ask? Well check this out.

Why wouldn’t you want to adopt one of these wonderful creatures?

NEXT WEEK: Honey Badgers




The water ripples, swirls and flows

and splashes up to find her toes

a smile invades her face.

The noonday sun, the turquoise sky

stare down at her with open eye

and illuminate her grace.

The playful breeze lifts up her hair

the trees bow down to have a stare

birds circle for a taste.

She wets her lips and turns her head

and winks at me with nothing said

I feel her warm embrace.

While all the world admires

while everyone adores

she is with me

and I love her.