When is DST not “Spring Forward” day? or: How to keep your hour

REPUBLISHING…because I remain confused.

Last November on “Fall Backwards” day, I got to thinking about how I’m not a big fan of turning my watch back an hour. I have numerous reasons, but mostly it’s because I’m too lazy to spin the hands on my watch around 11 times to correct the time and then spin the date setting around 30 times so I’m not always half a day ahead. Also I have a tendency to be five minutes late to anything and everything. Not four minutes, not six minutes, but FIVE minutes…always. It’s like some cosmic curse. And, of course, being late to a party is no big whoop but being late to an important meeting or for a train in Europe…whoop. Also, I’m one taco short of a combination plate and often get “Fall” and “Spring” mixed up which causes lots of problems including having my clocks all set wrong because I set them back when I’m supposed to set them forward and vice versa.

Tick Tock

So I said to myself, “Self, you’re in charge of you” and I decided to take the law into my own hands and not set my clocks back in November 2011. Some people thought I was weird, but others considered me brilliant. Just like the summer I stopped wearing shirts and shoes in public (I did get kicked out of a lot of restaurants though).

So for the past five months I’ve arrived timely at all my destinations and events. Party hosts did get a bit annoyed when I would show up 55 minutes early, but fuck’em, they should just be happy I wore a shirt.

Anyway today, the beginning of 2012 Daylight Savings Time or what Mensa candidates refer to as “Spring Forward” day, was to me just like any other day…except I was five minutes late to everything.