Hey friends!


I want to explain my absence for the past year. Whether you give a shit or not! I started this blog 1 year after my wife cheated on me and it was a cathartic experience. But I am a writer (among other things) so it wasn’t a stretch. However, the story is that my life changed again a year after my 19 yr marriage ended, a year later my EXW decided to send two of my three boys to live with me. I gladly accepted, and they changed my life…again! I didn’t write again for that entire 16 months! I just played Daddy!  I love my three boys and any parent should have no problem understanding that. We love our kids. And it’s more than that…they are great kids! What’s not to love! (photo is not necessarily representative of actual family).

Anyway, I have established a new life, a new career and a new perspective. And all three boys are about to invade my life after spending time with their mom…and I couldn’t be more excited! Maybe I won’t write again…I don’t know. But I do know that I love them and that I have to pursue my dream, while also trying to let them realize theirs.

As a self-employed Private Investigator, Process Server, Attorney, Writer..I am busy, but I also set my own schedule. So the kids come first. That’s the way I roll!




OK! I have something to say and I’m gonna say it! Right now! On my blog! In this Internet space that I own! So get ready because here it comes!

I HATE Pimento Cheese!

OK! I said it!

It’s disgusting!

OK! I said it! (crying)

Feeling better now. Just need to barf up that Pimento cheese I just ate to feel complete.

More later.