Extreme Conservatives: Bathroom Crisis Solution

I don’t advocate any particular position on this issue (other than the “seated one” if you actually give a “crap”) but I do think this idea deserves consideration.

Tranny Can - V.3

I’m a “Cracker”! What are you..and who really cares?

Multi-racial Pic


I haven’t been called a lot of names other than my own during my life. But the few names I was called weren’t mine. I’ve been called ”Louie”, “Lou” and ”Hollywood” all which I can accept, But call me “Cracker”, “White Trash”, “Whitey” or “Louise”  and my water starts to boil. Not really, I couldn’t give a damn!

So why do self-respecting people give a crap what other people call them?

“English” becomes “White” becomes “Cracker” Becomes “Caucasian”

“Colored” becomes “Negro” becomes “Niger” becomes “Black” becomes “African-American” and then whatever the new term is…

“Mexican” becomes “Hispanic” becomes “Latin American”

“Yellow” becomes “Asian” becomes “American-Asian” becomes “Pacific Islander”

“Redskin” becomes “American-Indian” becomes “Native American” becomes “Indigenous-American”

WHY do we care about labels so much? And how many of us are really only of one blood?

If used as an invective, then I get it. But otherwise, slow your roll.

Call me whatever you want, so long as you call me. And if you want to plié on with more labels that don’t really matter, then please comment below.

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