YOUR EYES: When I was just a boy

Eva Green-your eyes

All alone and cold

we stepped onto a new path in our lives

with blinded hope

just praying to survive

in search of feelings to mend our hearts

the same one’s tearing us apart

     True Love

was lost along the way

it’s written, on your face

the harmony

a symphony

of warmth that helps me realize

the light’s so strong

you had to close

     Your Eyes

are the keys to doors that no one else can open

I’ve been waiting, I’ve been hoping

for the chance to rediscover

every treasure that is held within

     Your Smile

wipes away all of the sorrow

gives me strength to face tomorrow

for there would never be a sun without the sky

and you and I

are forever holding hands through loving eyes.


Nature’s Dance: Stuff I wrote (as just a boy)

Nature’s Dance

Orange ember, golden glow
Horizontal spectrum flow
Emerald carpet, diamond shore
Crested force, a lion’s roar

Jagged granite, breathy breeze
Softened cracks befriend a tree
Emerald carpet, diamond shore
Waiting just outside the door

Orange ember, golden glow
Rising passion, fire show
Fuzzy blanket, tender hips
Cold champagne on sweaty lips

Hard to find and hard to keep
Mountains high and valleys deep
Blinding sunlight, winged dove
Denouement, forever love