There is no TEAM in “I”


As they say, there is no “I” in TEAM.

Or is it, there is no TEAM in “I”

Who knows why?

Maybe only the wise?

There is also no taste of “I” in MEAT

That’s difficult to repeat

Nor is there an “I” alongside META

My philosophy gets better

A relationship of “I” with MATE

It all depends on fate

In control of no “I” in TAME

The handcuffs might explain

Faithfully no “I” in ETAM

The eyes are on the lamb

India contains an “I” unlike AMET

Their attitude towards Muslims was Dammit!

So many words that don’t have an “I”

One can only ask, Why, why, why?

No matter how hard you try

TEAM does not contain an “I”



Divorce Sucks! And a serious note to my offspring

Today was a very solemn moment in my life for it is the day where I ultimately lost my wife (and in a way, my family). This morning I signed off on all the “Final Orders of Dissolution” which is a Politically Correct way of saying “Divorce”. All that is left is her signature and the court’s approval. Sigh!

I’m not big on sharing this publicly but I can’t help myself today. In a few days, the life and love that I shared a common commitment with for 24 years will be represented by nothing but a stack of papers in a file that says “you failed”. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. This was not the plan. Sigh!

I did nothing other than be the best husband and father that I could be…but that was somehow not enough. And as a result, I get banished, and my three wonderful children must now live apart from me, 2,500 miles away with their mother. She gets them for 300+ days a year and I the rest, but they are ours to share for a lifetime…and I love them more than life itself.

They spent the summer here with me in Texas and we grew together as if all four of us were brothers. We laughed and fought and wrestled and taught and goofed and hugged a lot. We had a grand time.  My soul has a hole that cannot be filled by anything but their presence. I miss them dearly. Sigh!

There is so much I could say here, but I choose to express the only thing that matters…

I love my children, I miss my children and I know that they love and miss me too. My greatest hope is that I can be their hero just as they are heroes to me.

God bless you, Tillman, Layton and Harrison! You are loved!