About ghfool

It all began when I jumped head first off a short building and landed on a brick with my face.

OK, it was in my back yard, but still picture a large, wide-open space and you’re soaring through the air over it and looking down below and you begin to see things differently and everything is so beautiful and then you spot this one solitary masonry brick in the middle of it all and you’re not soaring through the air anymore and the brick gets much larger and where the hell did Kansas go? That’s what I’m talking about. Was it a sign from God? Lucifer? David O. Selznick? I don’t know. But I did learn on that very day exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up…a BIRD.

That still hasn’t happened, so I decided to start a blog. I should confess out of the gate that I’m not actually a big fan of talking about myself, so I probably just alienated half of the planet. Regardless, I find the circus of life more interesting. So what I do enjoy is absorbing all that I see and hear around me and filtering the content into a bunch of connected words that my fans hopefully consider a worthwhile read. Or sometimes, I just close my eyes and whack the keyboard.

I’ve always been attracted to consumerism. We dated on and off but never settled down. I won the “Consumer Education” award my senior year in high school. I gained the deep insight a few weeks into the course that I was the only person studying. Everyone wanted to sit next to me on test days.

In college, I wrote an article for the University year book about Ralph Nadar and I also took a number of enjoyable courses that shaped the way I think, including philosophy, advertising, marketing, Kama Sutra for Dummies, creative writing, the history of film, Abel’s Bar and Grill, sociology and the art of film noir. I wanted to write for the University newspaper, but it looked like way too much work. Work every day…no fucking way!

I was employed as an Advertising Account Manager/Copywriter for several years but after falling just short of gaining a position with a large agency in New York, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, my great-great grandfather, my great…well you get the picture. So I attended law school, graduated, passed the bar exam and prosecuted bad guys for the Attorney General’s Office for a while, Consumer Protection Division, of course. I learned a lot, but my favorite part remained the writing. Having a badge and kicking down doors was pretty awesome too!

Jump ahead a few hundred years and here I am. I’m a naturally happy and optimistic person when I take my medication. But life has a funny way of challenging us and my perspective and attitude have recently been put through the fiery gauntlet of Hades. So far I’ve survived, and I’m stronger and more tan because of it. I am the disillusioned dreamer and I’m here to share with you my pathetic, twisted visions. Join me on my journey, if you dare!

…and I recently realized that I totally forgot to mention that, “I’m 8 feet tall and shockingly handsome. I’ve never experienced intestinal gas or halitosis. I’m exceptionally talented and filthy rich…and I have six pack abs. I also like to make stuff up.”

GlassHalfFool.com (aka ghfool)

11 comments on “About ghfool

  1. I like your sense of humor! Life is messy and after getting slapped around a bit—hopefully we have a new perspective–or as my latest blog post said–“new eyes”! ~Sherry~

  2. Good name for a blog, I think we’d all like to fly (preferably without a brick in our face) I’d quite like to be a Manx Shearwater dodging the waves and flying without any apparent effort.

  3. Thanks lovely travel lady! I shaved my head the other day after my stylist said I had a nicely shaped dome. Strange part is that she never even looked at my head!

  4. Was nice meeting you today atop the prayer mountain. Thanks for joining in the circle. Love, Light & Harmony!

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