Morning Moments

I woke up this morning and decided immediately that I wanted to write. But I couldn’t find my pencil. So I fired up the electronic thing that I have that plugs into the wall (and also has a battery so sometimes I don’t have to plug it in) and I started to write (but the battery kinda sucks)…or is it I started to type? Because you really aren’t writing when your (you’re???)  typing. I’m confused. Nevertheless before I knew it…(is nevertheless really a word? It’s like three words all smashed together. Makes about as much senseasidunno) I had written more than you are allowed to tweet which to my knowledge is a serious brain capacity drain for any millennial like myself. (Wow. Those last few words were actually continent, no wait, cohesive…contingent?) Anyway, I was born in a millennium…I think?

So, as I was saying…I was awakened to this amazing thought that (hold on. I need to make the font bigger…I can’t even see what I’m typing). NO, not italics! There, much better.

  • No, why is it bulleted now? Crap! Where was I? Oh yea. So…wait is it Yea, or Yay? Or maybe Yeah? Crap. Somebody help me out here!!!
  • So yesterday I was…no was that yesterday? Today, I mean…this morning, I woke up and…hold on there is someone knocking at my door…
  • Wrong number, or address, whatever you call that. So where was I?

I was drinking thinking and (oh good, the bullets stopped) I had this thought, you know, in my head, where thoughts are supposed to happen, that there should be…wait…what is that alarm sound…and why am I naked in public?

  1. Nevermind. I found the snooze bar.

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