Pole Dancing! Presenting the GHFOOL…umm…Presidential Poll.

When I was first eligible to vote, the election was between Abraham Lincoln and Hilary Clinton. I voted for Lincoln.

Since then its been a crazy ride from Hollywood stars to country boys from oil men to philanderers from business owners to career politicians. This year I’m voting for Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt partly because I like stuffed animals and mostly because he’s dead. But don’t let my vote sway you. Instead, focus on the two political signs published below to form your opinion.

Introducing, the GHFOOL official 2012 Presidential Poll.

Comment with your choice and opinion. The winner gets to rule the free world and a chance to knock over all the milk cans to win a Teddy Bear the size of the US Federal Deficit.

Let Americans know who you want to be the next president by leaving a reply/comment*.

*Click on the word balloon icon in the upper right of this blog. Any included pole dancing image of yourself doubles your credibility.



2 comments on “Pole Dancing! Presenting the GHFOOL…umm…Presidential Poll.

    • My first act as President will be to abolish any laws that place restrictions on lap dancing. My second will be to invade China. Then I will probably take a nap.

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