Hey Jon Stewart…Boy Scouts might taste like chicken, but it’s still not Chick-Fil-A

Touche’ Jon Stewart! Your comment that The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is “the gayest organization in America” was very clever.  


I would think that if members of the BSA choose to challenge your statement as false, then they would immediately be labeled as BIGOTS… and if they agreed, then they would be considered PERVERTS. I mean, that isn’t what I think…but that is what you meant to imply…right, funny guy? You back them into a corner where there is no good response other than the one you seek? And all the while you use the term “gayest” in an apparently derogatory manner and you get a free pass…yet give your targets no such lee-way.  Or maybe I’m mistaken? In that context were you trying to be complimentary? If so, then your writers blow!

And please don’t get me wrong, I seriously like Jon Stewart and his program “The Daily Show”, I understand that its satire, just like many of my blogs, and I support gay rights and I’m the father of two boy scouts. But if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I personally did take offense to Mr. Stewart’s insensitive, emphatic, radical characterization of an organization whose foundation and code is to teach young men redeeming values. You might not agree with all of what they teach, but I ask, would you prefer a world without the value of such teaching…or even worse, the opposite?

So I present the following 12 points of the Boy Scout Motto that I memorized as a young man and tried to live up to….read it and decide whether you would choose to teach your child otherwise. (a score of 12 is great, anything less is poor)

A Scout is:

• Trustworthy,

• Loyal,

• Helpful,

• Friendly,

• Courteous,

• Kind,

• Obedient,

• Cheerful,

• Thrifty,

• Brave,

• Clean,

• Reverent.

Now that I am writing this I can’t believe how I never saw how GAY all that scouting stuff was. And I mean that in the most non-derogatory sense that Stewart failed at…because unlike him, I believe that someone’s organizational orientation has nothing to do with their ability to be a great citizen of the U.S.A.

And as for my credentials…well then I’m as “Gay” as the make” ‘em…I’m an EAGLE SCOUT!

Boy Scouts trained me to do all sorts of GAY stuff, like…

Lifesaving, Political Science, Family, First Aid, Water Safety, Wilderness Survival, Food, health, World Community, Art, Astronomy, Cooking, Outdoors (Hiking, backpacking, canoeing, camping, fishing, gardening, forestry, wildlife management, ranching), Botany, Citizenship, Engineering, Science, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, Law, Nature, Personal Fitness, Reading, Writing, Swimming, Theatre, Weather etc.

And that is above and beyond all the other GAY things that my teachers taught me as a child…like math and history and language.

So, thank you Jon Stewart for recognizing the GAY excellence of the Boy Scouts of America. I realize that they have experienced some of the same controversies as other renowned institutions such as the Catholic Church, the education system, the university system, college athletics, many world governments and the entertainment industry…but they responded in a way that none of those institution’s did…by enacting a strict policy to prevent and police men in positions of authority from having illegal sex with young boys. What comes with that is teaching young men to say no to sex with adults…including men. So Jon Stewart, in the context of your story that is the penultimate of gayness!

So, readers…let me know what you think! If the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. requires an organization by law to protect its members against pedophilia at all costs and then that same organization is criticized for teaching its members not to accept sex from men… while the Gov’t agenda promotes sexual freedom….then are we expecting too much from our children? Honestly, when I was told that my boy couldn’t be a Boy Scout until I first trained him how to avoid sexual predators…well; I’ll let you think about what I did.

I’m an Eagle Scout and I pride myself in fully flying high above the fray, judging no one and spreading love, laughter and happiness.

I would love to know your opinion about this. Feel free to comment, like and follow.


2 comments on “Hey Jon Stewart…Boy Scouts might taste like chicken, but it’s still not Chick-Fil-A

  1. I really think this is one of those reverse psychology jokes. He’s not making fun of Boy Scouts, but of the Boy Scouts of America policies. I guess, I’m a sucker for Jon and will give him the benefit of the doubt. You know me- bleeding heart liberal and my son is a Boy Scout. We enjoy it for all the stuff it gives our boys, and locally we will support it. I do not however agree with the organization’s stand on excluding homosexuals. What a shame. But good for you- good post- putting it out there like this.

  2. To exclude any ‘one’ is prejudicial….maybe what the world needs is more open minded administrators?! It would most definately be a better world w more eagle scouts!!

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