Now with Video #4 – Evel Knievel I am not! But I am still stupid enough to try this…


I have no idea what I was thinking other than,

“What would Evil Knievel do?”

My American Idol!

In celebration of reaching 400,000 total views in my first five months of blogging, I decided to re-publish a post that I put together several months ago and posted for about 24 hours before pulling it. My trepidation arose from what my mother would think about it, but I have since discovered that she doesn’t read my blog, so I think I’m safe. As a precautionary measure, I also removed some of the video content until further notice (and demand or lack thereof).

These videos of my super-lame attempt to re-enact the Snake River Fiasco are fairly short and hopefully in sequence. I feature all five short videos to adequately portray my swiftly disintegrating directorial thought process. I’m not even certain if I was conscious for some of this.

And after this little stunt, I found a cop following me out of the subdivision…hugging my bumper…all the way to the entrance/exit. Someone must have complained that there was a lunatic in the area. I never saw one!

Do Not Try This At Home!

If you just click on link #1, then just stay on Youtube, I think it will show all FOUR three five short videos in sequence. If not, then just close the video window and click on the next link. Don’t try this at home!

Snake River (ave.) Jump – 1

Snake River (ave.) Jump – 2

Snake River (ave.) Jump – 3

Snake River (ave.) Jump – 4


OK, I added VIDEO #4. If I get enough demand (and don’t get an angry call from my mom), then I may add video #5…we’ll see. I decided to remove the next two videos the last video from the blog because I think they it portrays me as a bit crazier than I actually am (really!). So the next two last links are is broken and serves as a place holders…unless and until I change my mind…again.

 Snake River (ave.) Jump – 5


4 comments on “Now with Video #4 – Evel Knievel I am not! But I am still stupid enough to try this…

  1. It it any wonder that seemingly every one of your dashboard warning lights is lit up in red? I don’t think it is really. Great video nonetheless, if only for the audio track of the last attempt. You complete nut.

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