Kitty Cat Sunshine ~ a poem


Scratching, scratching, the warmth feels nice

I think I’ll lie on top of this beautiful pile

of freshly tossed pillows and sheets of thread and down

for more than awhile


Moving around, getting comfortably warm

amongst the creases and seams

finally finding a perfect fit again

feeling the steady purr that vibrates within


I see Kitty Cat Sunshine in my dreams

time to unwind and let faith intervene

you can never say never

I know that now…somehow


The pain has changed to enlightenment

and now the joy feels like forever

Life among the clouds never felt more possible

Walking on air and heaven sent


2 comments on “Kitty Cat Sunshine ~ a poem

  1. I’m scared of the fear that the tease comes from a gap that never existed and always existed. I love you Cat, like I love my Cock-a Roach and My Shamone Mother Fucker, all I can do is keep telling you and showing you, but I wont be not me whilst doing so, cos I can’t go back on the only creation that created me…stop with the tip a dee teasing and just tell me do you love or hate me? We can work from there on, and again, I must say, get your own fucking glue 😉 Lil Trissus my soul mate, I miss a you and I would LOVE to see any and all of you at my door antytime day or night, I cant and wont hide anymore, from my shame or my roots, and they are LOVE in a bug … Pun Pun!

  2. We all need to soak up the sunshine and have faith that the universe will take care of it all in its own way for our benefit or best interests-the sun does shine again…

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