Stuff I Wrote (as just a boy): Vol. 2. No Sweat Regret

No Sweat Regret

Two young friends enter a building one day

each coming in a different way

an office party was their destiny

way, way up on floor twenty-three

An elevator seems to invite

a man who ponders on the height

the stairs stand quiet, stark and cold

a challenge to those that are so bold

One man rises floor by floor

the other just passed the second story door

each in choosing his separate path

has predetermined the aftermath

The first man arrives and enjoys the fun

there’s politicking to be done

good words to the men of the company

a higher position he’s assured to see

The other arrives with a sweaty brow

the party’s really going now

his young friend questions his tardiness

the President he has just missed

“He said he had another date, for which he was extremely late”

“I know”

the other said with flair

“I passed him walking up the stairs”.

ghfool ~ 1982

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