Seeking Mail Order Bride…shipping included!

I recently read an article about Zappos, which is a company that sells shoes to women on the internet and it made no sense to me whatsoever!

Women are so discerning about their clothes, especially shoes so how could they possibly make a well informed decision about strappy sandals or slutty pumps without trying them on beforehand? And then I uncovered the secret….SPANX, no wait that’s a different secret…the secret to selling shit on the internet that you just “have to have” but aren’t sure you want for the rest of your life is…free shipping and a liberal return policy!

So I thought to myself, self,

“I wonder if they do the same thing with women?”

I had my crack research team (me) research the subject and lo and behold what did we discover? That I love naps. So after my nap I knew it was time to get motivated and drink several beers, which I did.

But the point is that research is overrated and I’m fairly positive that naps and beer aren’t…oh and I just ordered a Brazilian Supermodel…free shipping, liberal return policy.


11 comments on “Seeking Mail Order Bride…shipping included!

  1. I was going to comment on the post, but got sidetracked by the Pee-Wee header. Man, I love that movie. “It’s like trying to unravel a sweater that someone keeps knitting aaaaaaaand knitting, aaaaaaaaand knitting, aaaaaaaaand knitting, aaaaaaaaaand knitting…”

    • I talked my very conservative parents into watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure not long ago and they were ROTFLOL…except for the rolling and floor part.

      Thanks for reading!

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