The Hangover

Cluck, clunck

Last night after drinking a lot at this party, I stumbled over to a local building, found the fire escape ladder and climbed up to the top. I really have no idea how I made it up there but I apparently did. I vaguely remember walking around the roof of the building and looking at the stars and then I heard someone from down below yelling.

Stranger: “Hello! Hey up there! Hey, dude on the roof!”

Me: (silence)

Stranger: “Hey man, what in the hell are you doing up there?”

Me: “I climbed up. You can see the stars from here!”

Stranger: “Yes, you can see them from down here too. You’re not supposed to be up there! Why don’t you come down?”

Me: (silence)

Stranger: “Do you need help?”

Me: Look over there! That is Venus next to Jupiter! Do you see it?”

Stranger: “No I don’t. Why don’t you come down?”

Me: “I love the planets!”

Stranger: “Look dude, it’s not safe up there. You need to come down right now!”

Me: “Come up here! You can see sooo much better.”  

Stranger: “Are you all right? You really shouldn’t be up there!”

Me: “Give me a minute.”

That and the sound of a chicken clucking are the last thing I remember. Man my head hurts!


4 comments on “The Hangover

  1. Ice cream. I promise. It sounds so wrong but there’s some scientific gibberish about how the combination of cold and dairy sorts out a hangover – I can assure you that it genuinely is a bit miraculous.

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