Shameless Plug from a Crying Baby

So I just found out that I’m a finalist in the “Question of the Week” contest being conducted by the Blogger Supreme, The Byronic Man. It’s a tremendous honor just to be nominated among three other dignified candidates, but they suck and I rule and that’s all there is to it!

I’m asking (‘cause begging ain’t purdy) that all my fans and all of the fans of The Byronic Man and everyone else on the planet go to his blog site and VOTE for PEDRO – No, stop – VOTE for GHFOOL (ghfool)!

Merely put down your crack pipe for a minute and go to The Byronic Man and then click on the CRYING BABY on the right side bar of his blog. His baby looks amazingly similar to mine – but click on his baby, not mine and change the poopy on my baby, not his. Clear as mud?

Vote for ghfool and change my poopy

Then you will see a place in that blog (about clock change day). Just scroll to where you can VOTE for me (ghfool) by selecting the radio button next to my nominated Answer to the question “What is the worst question you could be asked at a job interview?” My answer is obviously the best and most twistedly comical 1) because I said so, and 2) because it’s insensitive and shocking and means that I was possibly and accidentally interviewing for a PORN job.

And while you’re voting for me (ghfool), check out The Byronic Man’s blog. He be good!

I was told that the grand prize is either a new Lexus or 10 whacks across the back of the knees with a sugar cane…or maybe both. One can only hope!

Thanks everyone! Peace out!


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