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There was a time in my life when I was so down that I never thought I could get up. I hit double rock bottom. I saw at that moment that there was no way to go but UP…or die. And dying wasn’t an option. So I slowly picked myself back up.

About 5 years ago, I came very close to living on the street. I had just recently made a 6-figure income and lived in a home worth $750K. But that evaporated in 2008. And so I did my best to move on.

And the time came where I actually envisioned how my family would survive living in a cardboard box. Every day I got up at 5 a.m. and took two buses to work over 50 miles away to make a meager wage. And while I waited for the second bus after walking 6 blocks to the stop, I stood next to people that were sleeping on broken boxes, trash bags and vomit, because that was their life. I stood there for 15 minutes every day for 9 months and I couldn’t help but imagine that someday I might be there with them. It was painful and sad! But I did nonetheless. I did it because I had no other choice; I did it to provide food, housing and health insurance for my family. And it wasn’t easy….but what is?

I sat on a bus for 4 hours a day. And I read and wrote and did a lot of thinking. But ultimately I felt trapped. No matter what, I needed to provide for my family.

Then it happened! And if you don’t know what happened then you can just figure it out, if you wish.

And now, 6 years later and after several years of grief and despair, I’ve started over. And I feel reborn! I am once again self-sufficient and rising and also taking care of my three young children. I have re-established a career and am on a path of satisfaction and well-being. I am proud!

But I have been razor close to being destitute and the difference between being there and not was FORTITUDE! Everyone is accountable for their own life and possibly the lives of others. There are no excuses and no victims on this journey. We must all rise above the fray and be our best! Be strong and take personal responsibility for your life! At least that is what I believe, at a minimum, it makes one a contributor on this planet…instead of a taker.


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Hey friends!


I want to explain my absence for the past year. Whether you give a shit or not! I started this blog 1 year after my wife cheated on me and it was a cathartic experience. But I am a writer (among other things) so it wasn’t a stretch. However, the story is that my life changed again a year after my 19 yr marriage ended, a year later my EXW decided to send two of my three boys to live with me. I gladly accepted, and they changed my life…again! I didn’t write again for that entire 16 months! I just played Daddy!  I love my three boys and any parent should have no problem understanding that. We love our kids. And it’s more than that…they are great kids! What’s not to love! (photo is not necessarily representative of actual family).

Anyway, I have established a new life, a new career and a new perspective. And all three boys are about to invade my life after spending time with their mom…and I couldn’t be more excited! Maybe I won’t write again…I don’t know. But I do know that I love them and that I have to pursue my dream, while also trying to let them realize theirs.

As a self-employed Private Investigator, Process Server, Attorney, Writer..I am busy, but I also set my own schedule. So the kids come first. That’s the way I roll!