My Top 15 Favorite T.V. Shows – You know I’m Right

breaking bad


I’m sure I left something off of my list that deserves to be there. And I’m certain many of you will disagree with the list. There are many that I had to cut to get to 15.

These are in order on my love for them. Please feel free to comment, argue, add, subtract etc.

  1. Saturday Night Live

  2. Breaking Bad

  3. House

  4. The X-Files

  5. The Sopranos

  6. Monty Pythons Flying Circus

  7. Seinfeld

  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  9. The twilight Zone

  10. Star Trek

  11. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  12. Lost

  13. Louie

  14. Twin Peaks

  15. Cheers

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